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I’m still flying high off our big premiere party this past Saturday when who do I run into at Earth 2 Comics in Sherman Oaks, CA??!! None other than one of my comic book writing heroes and comic book legend – MARV WOLFMAN!!! Writer of so much including Amazing Spider-man, The New Teen Titans and, my favorite, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS!!! If you’ve seen 12 Sided Die, you’ll see my tribute to the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS in it. I sooooo nerded out when I saw him. He was very gracious and just the ultimate gentleman when I told him about how Crisis on Infinite Earths figured into the story. He offered to sign anything I had, but alas, my Crisis on Infinite Earths hardcover was back in my apartment. He just simply said, “Next time,” and took a pic with me. Thank you, Marv! For all those great stories throughout the years.